Angela Fischetti Singer of Standards and World Music
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In her first CD recording, ENTER THE LIGHT, Angela Fischetti offers songs of joy and devotion.  

Angela selects classic Sanskrit chants interpreted with chill, lounge music instrumentation. She also sings "Yemaya Assessu" in African and the traditional song "Amazing Grace." The album features Angela's own composition "Enter The Light," sung in both English and Sanskrit.

Angela's inspiration for the title song of the album came when she saw a shimmering light entering her Miami Beach apartment - a subtle glimmer that landed on a framed photograph of Judy Garland standing under a spotlight. She knew then that her father had passed away, or rather, had entered the light.

At the time, Angela was studying to become a yoga teacher, a path that led her to bhakti yoga -- the yoga of devotion through chanting. ENTER THE LIGHT is an exploration of bhakti yoga and the art of healing. The album marks Angela's return to singing thirty-six years after having first heard Judy Garland's voice. Dedicated to Judy Garland, the album also expresses reverence to those loved ones Angela has lost in her own life, as well as to the victims of 9/11.

Hugh Martin has praised Angela and ENTER THE LIGHT:   "Your voice your face, your form and your spirit are all beautiful.   What an oasis your music is. . . I yearn for serenity and your lovely album is the answer to my prayer. . . . I love your musicians also.   They give a new meaning to the world percussion. . . .   I knew Judy so well that I think it's safe to say I am sensitive to what she would have loved; I think she would've loved you a lot."

To read more about Angela's journey, click here.

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1 Opening Invocation 2:04
2 Om Namah Shivaya Gurave 2:24
3 Maitri Interlude 1:58
4 Yemaya Assessu 2:47
5 Shri Ram 3:23
6 Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah 5:08
7 Amazing Grace 4:45
8 Enter the Light 4:51
9 Resurrection 3:52
10 Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu 3:31
Total Running Time 32:45
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Produced by Arrow
Co-Produced by Luis Duran
Executive Produced by Angela Fischetti
Music written & arranged by Arrow & Luis Duran
Vocals by Angela Fischetti

Photographer Tania Quintanilla
Hair & Make-Up Robert Steven Munoz
Graphic Artist Michael Assante
Web Design Maria Lemus
Sanskrit Advisor Mano of Ayama Yoga Center
Henna Art Loren Russo
Grammar Coach Linda Morris • 786.246.7334