Angela Fischetti Singer of Standards and World Music
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Hugh Martin, Academy Award Winning Composer of "Meet Me in St. Louis," starring Judy Garland and directed by Vincent Minnelli

I have just returned, dear Angela, from a strange and fascinating country that I had never visited before. I have you to thank for the journey, and my passport was ENTER THE LIGHT.

There is no way to critique this accomplishment of yours without using the word "beautiful."

Your voice, your face, your form and your spirit are all beautiful. I have a feeling that your father was beautiful, too. There must be a great deal of him in ENTER THE LIGHT.

What an oasis your music is in this shake, rattle, and roll world we live in today. Every day I yearn for serenity and your lovely album is the answer to my prayer!

I won't pretend that it is a language I am comfortable with yet. But I love to learn new things, and, you, dear Angela, are a very new thing indeed! But a welcome thing, and one which enhances my life.

I love your musicians also. They give a new meaning to the word percussion. We are indoctrinated with the idea that the percussionist is supposed to knock his brains out and rev a sup to the point of insanity. Thank you, dear fellow friend of Judy Garland, for bringing some sanity into a mad world.

By the way, I knew Judy so well that I think it's safe to say I am sensitive to what she would have loved; I think she would love you a lot. So do I!

With the loving spirit,
Hugh Martin


Manny Meland, "Manny About Town:  Gallery Walk and Co-Op Miami," Miami ArtZine, June 2008

"Tonight's singing attraction was not to be outdone by all this dazzle. Angela Fischetti sang music she has written and cleverly composed from mantras around the world including India and Africa. Her angelic voice expressed itself with joy and devotion. She sings at different venues around town." 


Michael DeMaria, Composer "The River"

Just a quick note to ... thank you for the awesome concert! What an inspiration! You not only have an elegant and powerful voice, but watching you surrender to the spirit and joy of the song was a true gift. . . .


Paul Headon, Sirius FM Music, Australia

Just a catch up note to let you know that I've been playing some of the tracks off your CD. The main one is Amazing Grace as well as track no. 1. Keep up the the good work. Cheers.


Michael Stock, host of "Folk and Acoustic Music," NPR, locally WLRN-FM:

"It's a beautiful album...unique version of AMAZING GRACE."


Alan John Rice, President of the only official Liza Minnelli fan club:

"Angela Fischetti is an amazing singer, her voice being both powerful, yet able to soothe and relax you...I have Angela's is superb, with the spirit of Judy Garland being the "Muse" for the feel of some of the tracks..."


The Judy Garland Museum:

"Inspired by and dedicated to Judy Garland, ENTER THE LIGHT features an innovative blending of traditional music with yoga chants." (Angela's album is featured in the museum's website "Browse Our Gift Shop" section and also sells in the museum gift shop.)


Christophe Mouze of YOGA HOLIDAYS:

"Following in the wake of Krisha Das' success, and thanks to the ever increasing popularity of yoga, sanscrit devotional chanting is becoming a very popular genre. Angela's delightful voice serves it well. My 2 year-old son loved it." (He also lists Angela's CD in his Music Links page.)


Michael Jensen, pianist extraordinaire of RED SKY AT NIGHT:

"Her lovely voice soars!  The instrumentation is also supreme.  I love the percussionals, too!  It is a great album..."


Yoga Adventures:

"...wonderful CD.  We are really enjoying it..."


Ragani of Ragani World:

Ragani includes ENTER THE LIGHT in her recommended kirtan and mantra CDs.


Pete Havey, Program Director, Mystic Soundscapes Internet Radio

"The CD is wonderful -- keep up the great work!"

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